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aaaaahhhhhh [25 Sep 2007|09:36pm]
he would be a lot easier to hate if he would just fucking leave me alone!
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I only use livejournal to talk about boys [06 Aug 2007|08:06pm]
One more weeeeeeek
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[14 May 2007|05:24am]
Uh - whoa

You know - sometimes myspace is great - and sometimes people who send you random messages aren't creep-o's

This summer rules
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Woooooooo what a doozy [26 Mar 2007|10:25pm]
So my weekend consisted of partying, laying around, watching like 5 movies, and getting into a mega 2 and a half hour argument session with my dad about school. A fairly normal thing honestly. Still didn't stop it from sucking. Then there was more tv time which I'm a big fan of. Then Henri got stuck in one of my venting sessions which probably was weird for him because I don't think he's ever really witnessed that before. It was a mild venting session though so I didn't get crazy upset or anything, just a little flustered.

Anyway, the conversation with my dad ended up with him giving me permission to drop a class on the condition that I maintain my A and two Bs in my other classes AND take a summer class and make an A in it. Woof. So all of this is seemingly possible even though it is going to requre me to stress the FUCK out. Including a major stress out early this morning.

I have theatre in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Just a basic intro to theatre class that I actually don't really mind. I already managed to make a B on my first test. I only have one test left but the sucky part is we take this quizzes on certain days. She has the days listed on the syllabus but we take the quizzes right at the beginning of class and since I am NOTORIOUSLY late to EVERYTHING I've missed a fair handful of these quizzes. We take 7 in all, only 6 count. So far we've taken 6. I've taken 2. These quizzes are 30% of the final grade. SO I cannot afford to miss the very last one, and I couldn't afford to miss the one we took this morning. The other dilemma - I didn't read the play that the quiz was over, so not only did I have to get to class by 10am, but I had to ace a quiz (it's only 5 questions) on a play that I didn't read.

So I set my alarm for 7am this morning intending to read/skim the play before class. Unfortunately, I was watching tv with Henri and then going off about my day until 3am, and I didn't get to bed until about 3:30-4am. So when my alarm went off, I reset it for 7:30. Then it went off then and I turned it off because in the morning when I first wake up I'm a freaking idiot. My body jolted awake at precisely 9:44am and I immediately started saying "Oh fuck fuck fuck!!!" and throwing clothes on and running out the door. I live about 15minutes from campus on a good day when I don't get stuck at lights and there's no traffic on the drag. That's very rare btw. Fortunately karma was on my side this morning and I managed to make it to the Jester parking garage by 10 and RUN to my class (which is in Jester) and get there in time to grab a scantron from the cute male TA (who seems like kind of an asshole - possibly because he sees me run in 10 minutes late to class every day) and sit behind a girl who actually read the play. After managing to successfully peak over this girl's shoulder and answer all 5 questions correctly in a very VERY dazed manner (keep in mind I had been awake for approx. 20 minutes at this point) I turned in my quiz and said "Fuck it." I grabbed my bag and walked out of class and went and took an hour long nap at home!

Went back to campus afterwards, picked up a Q drop form, found out I didn't have to turn it in until Thursday (which was awesome because I was worried I'd have to track down my statistics professor and have him sign it by 5pm today), went to Spanish where we watched the beginning of Pee Wee's Big Adventure (and I loved my Spanish professor Chio even more because she laughed the entire way through) and talked to her about making an A in her class, which she assured me was possible if I stop missing class. So woooooooooooo!!!

Then it was raining so I came home, ate some chicken and fell asleep from 3:30 to 7pm tonight. Whoops. Sorry Henri, I probably should have gone to work today. Woke up, ate more chicken. Watched two more movies and now I'm drinking Dr. Pepper with a little kick of whiskey in it. I'm gonna smoke some pot and watch Robot Chicken and hopefully go back to Henri's and watch Prison Break and 24. And then I'm gonna sleep and hopefully have a less crazy morning tomorrow.


EDIT: BTW, I've been sick for like a week with bronchitis and now just a gross cough, so my laying around watching movies isn't JUST me being lazy (although that has a large impact on it). I'm pretty much totally recovered but still really tired.

And just because, I've watched these movies this weekend:
You've Got Mail (Sarah's birthday - super cute again)
Mean Girls (cute - still hate Lindsey Lohan though)
The Big Lebowski (first time I saw this - awesome movie!)
Kill Bill (parts of both I & II - yaaaay!)
Team America World Police (wow - weird - out of control - pretty funny)
Big (part of it - it was cute - two Tom Hanks movies in one week!)
Red Eye (<3 Cillian Murphy)
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Go ahead... [19 Feb 2007|12:54am]
Just try to resist this stare.

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Le sigh [20 Jan 2007|07:27am]
I LOVE Ghostland Observatory

I really really do - I was going to say "I love them more than -" but I realized that they pretty much top the list of the things I love - The only thing above Ghostland is Aaron "The Tease" Behrens himself - soooo basically I'm in love

Video that I took of the show last night - so so grand - crazy pictures can be found right HERE

I'm sleepy!
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Wooooo buddy [17 Jan 2007|05:54am]
[ mood | tired ]

What a wacky wacky week

It SNOWED today - and it was just crazy icy - and for a minute a fire almost started in the trees way back behind my house (from a powerline?) but by the time I grabbed my coat to go outside and see if it was serious (and I really hoped not because it's like 4 something am and I didn't want to call the fire station) it was gone - it was weird though

I spent the ENTIRE day at Henri's sitting on the couch, watching tv, eating, drinking, being stabbed with icesicles, getting hit with snow/ice balls, being punched in the arm, getting thrown onto a trampoline covered in ice and getting pushed into a table (iced over solid) that was covered in lighter fluid (we were attempting to set it on fire to melt the ice - turns out that doesn't work) and being an overall victim of bullying - it was a really fun day honestly! I did take a Henri's-house break by going to see Pan's Labyrinth again (and it was awesome again)

I started using my Flickr account finally - http://www.flickr.com/photos/caitstevens - so I will have pictures up of today and I'll put some on here and whatnot

Okay - they can only postpone this school thing for so long - I need to get back onto some sort of schedule PLEASE - I hate to say this - but classes really need to start now - I have no order in my life right now - it's all CHAOS

It's halfway through January and I still really like 2007 - it's only going to get better from here

Be safe in the gross/awesome weather - don't slip and fall and break yourselves - good luck when classes finally start - as soon as I have some sort of order to my life (meaning if I'm awake in the day time and asleep at night) then we should all hang out


PS - if you're not listening to The Knife yet - we shouldn't hang out - sooooo listen to them
The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health
The Knife - One Hit
The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health (Ratatat Remix!)

It's good shit - promise

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Fuck [03 Jan 2007|05:51pm]
First negative thing that's happened this break - I totally forgot that I was supposed to do a Drafthouse ad for the Chronicle and missed the deadline because my sleep schedule is so beyond fucked that I don't know what to do about it. I hate missing deadlines. It makes me feel really useless and that the office is probably going "Well looks like she's not that great after all."

That's the second time I've done that. Fuck.

Alright - I'm going to sit around and be mad at myself for a while. No hang outs tonight - I have to take a sleeping pill around 11 and try to fix this thing.
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Damn [12 Dec 2006|10:23pm]
I'm way too obsessed with sunglasses - fortunately I'm always outbid on ebay - but if not - I'm about to have a super sweet pair
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Weird [07 Dec 2006|02:50am]
Something to look atCollapse )
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Oh goodness [05 Dec 2006|11:20am]
Dear school,

You kicked my ass this semester. I think I learned my lesson. With luck and a lot of sleep over this holiday break, I'll be able to come back stronger. I'm not promising all A's or anything like that, just a little more strength. I'll get it. I will.


PS - Stop being a bitch. We get it, you're a badass, but you can be a little easier from time to time. Just sayin'.


No but seriously - did I suck this semester or what

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Gross tummy ache [22 Nov 2006|03:36am]
I feel like writing a genuine blog entry, so here goes:

Today was great. I didn't sleep last night (with the exception of a 2 hour nap), but I completed my final advertising project for the semester and turned it in on time, making it immediately better than the last project which I completed and failed to turn in on time, thus making it void and giving me a zero. Yay! This is not to say that I'm done with this class though - I still have a test and a final and I have to go to all of the discussion sessions (which is totally okay because of the previously announced crush on my TA - who told me "Have a really good Thanksgiving, okay?" and I said "I will!" and he said "Good!" and smiled all cute-like when I turned in my project - and then I totally kicked myself in the ass on the way back to my car for not wishing HIM a Happy TDay - but I didn't kick myself too hard because I was in a pretty good mood). So I went back to my car to get my computer (I left everything there for fear that I would be 1 minute late and my project wouldn't be accepted), inhaled some smokiness, and went back to class properly blazed. Class was awesome today. Mainly because we just watched a bunch of commercials that fit certain principles and it made me glad that I'm going into advertising because I basically sat through class fascinated the whole time. My notes ended up being totally crazy and stupid - but I remember every single detail about that class today sooooo whatever:

Notes excerpt:
Have a payoff.
- Home Depot - De POT dayum galanga langa lang-ah - holy crap cutest fam eva - little boys in treehouse - kindly old black man

Subtitles over face - foreign - confusing
- advertising some sort of panty (teehee) hose

Build Campaigns, not individual ads.
(everyone's coughing and sneezing in here! disease is eeverrrryywheerrree)
Girl beside me "Was that worksheet passed out?" - Me "I have noooo idea"
- Zoomrip "it's okay to be fast" athletes - pretty freaking funny stuff
- First - "Hello my name is Kenny, and I'm kinda fast"
- Second - Blurry man nightmare
- Multiple ads "You know what you're doing, Kenny? You're growing!"
- McD's "Heartsell"
- crazy skinny little girls (Prof's kiddos 24 years ago)
- Prof Murphman's personal favorite!
(I feel like i'm punching the keys really loud)
- McDonald's and You - little girls in yellow jackets - meh - whatevs
- He's going on and on about a family story - Grand Canyon and crayon melting??
- "Well anyway, thanks for listening" and we just laughed and laughed!

And then we talked about one of my personal fav commercials (which also happens to supposedly be the most famous commercial of all time).

Apple "1984"

I like it! I'll try to find other commercials that we talked about - they were all pretty awesome (do you guys care about commercials? probably not!)

Government was a lot less entertaining and so were my notes - mainly because my computer battery died and I was starting to crash - but we did watch a crazy movie about Afghanistan around the Cold War era and I started daydreaming like crazy about being in the advertising biz and having a lot of money and how cool would it be if I could speak Japanese (my thoughts were ALL over the place), I had this whole scenario made up - it was pretty funny

So then I went home and intended to nap for an hour - but like I always do when I don't sleep the night before and try to take a quick nap - I slept forever. From 1pm to 5pm I was totally out - and when I woke up I was very confused as to how my multiple alarms (which were WAY away from my bed) were turned off - apparently I actually got up, walked out of my room, turned off 3 alarms, got back in bed, and slept.

Then I felt bad because I was supposed to go to work, but then I remembered that my job is awesome and that no one cared if I didn't go. Hooray! This was made especially awesome because the text message from my boss said "Did you sleep all day? There's pre-Veronica dinner party at my house tonight. 730!" And I said YAY because the only thing I had eaten was some Milano cookies during government day dreaming and I was hungry! So I went and picked up poor Christi from work who had also not really slept much and had been having a sleepy, pukey day, and I took her home so that she could sleep and wake up refreshed and study some more! Boo! Then I went and had PRE-THANKSGIVING-TURKEY-DINNER!!!!!!

Yeah - we had fondue, and green bean casserole, and stuffing and turkey and gravy and wine at Henri's because Henri and Sarah are awesome hosts. Then we (a group of like 5 or 6) continued our weekly Veronica Mars viewing and gasped and awed and I think I must have said "GOD I love LOGAN!" a million freaking times (And Veronica you need to calm the fuck down because Logan just wants to LOVE YOU - Let him fucking love you, Veronica! - CHRIST!) and Wallace was back which was nice. AND VMARS WAS SIGNED ON FOR A FULL THIRD SEASON!!!! No more of that "12 episodes only" crap that we had originally heard! Duh guys - watch some good tv every once in a while, k?

And then we ate pie. Chocolate pie! With ice cream! And there was cherry pie but I didn't have any because cherry pie kind of grosses me out. But everyone left before the pie except for me, Henri & Sarah - and then Henri's friend Dax came over who has a fucking sweet job in New York where he works for MTVU making promos and stuff - I think he's more focused on the RTF aspect of it (that's what he graduated with) but it's defintely an area I want to be in so I talked to him for hours and we kept eating and drinking wine - and then Sarah went to bed and I talked to Henri and Dax some more and we all had a beer and then Dax left and we watched Prison Break (and AH it's about to go on a break for 3 months - what the hell? - why do tv shows do that?!) and I ate a brownie and now I realize:

I ate too much food.

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Smart boys [16 Nov 2006|01:42pm]
So it's come to my attention in the past couple days that I totally have a crush on my TA - however - as soon as I realized that, all I could think about was J Strain

Why haven't I seen that guy around campus?! He's so dreamy!
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My new favorite video [14 Nov 2006|01:42pm]
I swear - you'll watch it over and over - first because you're fascinated - then because you love the sound effects

I can't get this to embed - but CLICK

Show media Loading...
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I started a music blog [13 Nov 2006|10:50pm]
I think I'll keep it going - you should read it

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Just in time for the cold weather [03 Nov 2006|01:56pm]
New Damien Rice songs!!! New cd is out in three days!

www.myspace.com/damienrice - there are 3 new songs on there and they are just wonderful

God his voice is SEXY
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Whatever I never do these things [01 Nov 2006|01:19pm]
But I like this one because after two songs I was convinced that iTunes could read my mind

iTunes on shuffle - hit next - no skipping - blah blah

Opening Credits: "Sabotage" - Beastie Boys
Waking Up: "Light & Day" - The Polyphonic Spree
First Day At School: "Enlighten Me" - Echo & The Bunnymen
Meet Your Best Friend: "Laredo" - Tomahawk
Falling In Love: "Road Trippin'" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Fight Song: "Sweetie Why Do You Hide the Sweets" - Les Messieurs du Rock
Breaking Up: "Runway Week" - The Standard
Prom: "start As You Mean To Go" - Black Box Recorder
Life's OK: "X&Y" - Coldplay
Driving: "The End of Everything" - Chris Isaak
Flashback: Unknown song by Chuck Prophet
Getting Back Together: "Province" - TV on the Radio
Wedding: "So Long" - Willy Mason
Birth of Child: "Prom Night at Hater High" - The Long Winters
Final Battle: "A Light At The End Of Tunnel" - Idiot Pilot
Death Scene: "Summer's Gone" - Placebo
Funeral Song: "Slow Nerve Action" - The Flaming Lips
End Credits: "Does He Love You?" - Rilo Kiley

I have to ditch this hangover and get to work!

Halloween was AWESOME - thanks for all the fun guys

Although I think I've been really clumsy this past weekend - what with all the drinking I did - because I have so many mysterious bruises - most importantly the massive one on my foot - stop stepping on me when I'm drunk! I'm incapable of defending myself!

Also - click HERE to see a picture of Lindsay Lohan's vagina - hahaha - gross - but I'm not kidding that's what's behind that link - tread carefully
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Happy Halloween (almost) [17 Oct 2006|09:59pm]

I know it's been done a million times but I haven't done it and its simple and awesome so that's what I will be dressing as for this upcoming hallows eve

It will also double as a Marla Singer costume if I decide to change it up for Adam's party

Eh? Yeah - I totally got a hat like that - I'll probably wear it all the time
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daaamn [14 Oct 2006|06:50am]
Oh my GOD I really wish I could sleep - Christi - I may end up a little sleepy tomorrow at ren fest

That's not going to stop it from being awesome though. Promise.
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Sorry to hear about Dean's faggotry... [06 Oct 2006|12:42pm]
Saved! is a really good movie - and a today is a good Friday

After much internal debate while laying in bed this morning - I determined that I should in fact go to class. It was a REALLY hard decision to make. Even on the bike ride there I was still debating on whether I should turn around or not. Actually - even when I was locking my bike up on campus - I STILL didn't want to go and even considered turning around except for the fact that I was sweaty and tired.

But I did go - and I still didn't really understand what was going on because of my professor with the super French accent and the fact that I'm hella behind on my reading for that class - but whatevs - I felt good about going - and about leaving early...

And then Saved! was on tv and I realized that not only is Mary-Louise Parker (Nancy/Lacy of Weeds fame) is in it (which I already knew), but so is Martin Donovan (Peter from Weeds) - which is awesome - I think it's funny that in one movie they're super Christians who really aren't supposed to be together, and then they're a drug dealer and a DEA agent who aren't supposed to be together - will they ever get the chance

And last night at the MJ Sing-Along I got really excited during the "Black & White" video because I forgot how much I love the Culkin brothers - and I just mean Macaulay, Kieran and Rory - according to IMDB there are SEVEN Culkin children - all of whom act except for Dakota - sucks for him/her - but sucks more for the other three who act but no one's heard of.

Seriously - what a cute family! So another plus for Saved! for having Macaulay - I do have to say that Kieran's my fave - what with Igby Goes Down being one of my favorite movies EVER - and Kieran clearly being the hottest because Mac's kind of creepy looking sometimes and Rory looks super young (he's really like - 17)

So about this movie - when it was on tv it was close to the end (right before prom when Cassandra leaves Roland in the parking lot) and I decided that I should just watch the dvd because I hadn't seen it in a while - from the perspective of an atheist I really appreciate this film - but I think Christians or people who believe in God in general should appreciate it as well - not because it tries to disprove God (because it really doesn't) but it just kind of gives you a look into the the Christian extremist world - kind of like what would happen if Jennifer Pulliam realized that she's been living in a plastic bubble all of her life - except I'm fairly certain that she may just kill herself if that happened and that would be terrible

Okay I was going to start talking religion here - but honestly I don't really want to because religion kind of makes me angry. Instead I'm going to take a shower, finish this awesome movie and go to work. I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and an awesome weekend and I hope to see most of you later on today or tomorrow. Hopefully I'm going to see Science of Sleep with my sister later and then see Dangerous Child at midnight - woohoo for movies!
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